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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the requirements to take the Lash Class?

1) You must be able to see up close. If you cannot see up close, we typically recommend reading glasses at your local drugstore or you may have hard time doing Lash Extensions.

2) You can still take the lash class WITHOUT a cosmetology or esthetician license since it’s just a certification class. However, Salons may still require that you have an esthetician or cosmetology license to do lashes formally within their salon/spa.

Also, some states do NOT require an Esthetician or Cosmetology license. Since this is a certification class and not a license All are welcome to take the class.

We generally recommend with our students that you eventually get the esthetician license once you know that lashes is a good fit and if you want to work formally in a salon or spa.

Why Should I Take Your class Over Others?

We've been Teaching Lash Extensions for over 5 years with Hundreds of Lash Students from students all over the Northeast. Over 200 Sold Out Classes.

There is a reason why people drive up to 3 hours to come to our training. It's because its small, personable, high quality, professional, has lots of resources after class to help you, and we actually care about our students.

We want you to succeed and have active communication through email, text, and our Private Student Facebook group for our students. If you are willing to put in the work, we are willing to help you succeed.

Still have doubts? Schedule a tour with us at our training studio by emailing us

Are there payment plans?

Yes, we have an option to split the payment into two payments. The second payment must be completed at least 2 weeks before class start day. Email if interested in this option.

Do I work on a Live Model?

Yes, We ask that each student bring a live model on class Day.

If you need us to find a Lash Model, There is a $75 dollar model fee in order for us to find a model and we need at least 4 days before class to find a model.

How Long is the Class?

Class is composed of about 1.5 Hours of Online Theory that has to be done Prior to class at home and then the Hands on Portion of Class is about 4-5 Hours. There is a morning class that starts at 930am or an afternoon class that starts at 1:45pm. Your class time will be determined once you register.

How do I access the Online Theory Portion of the Class?

You will receive a Login to our Student E-Learning Platform to watch the Lash Theory Content. You can watch this on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Each student must watch this before class day. This allows you to focus more on HANDS ON during Class day.

When will I will receive my Certificate?

You will receive your Certificate at the end of class. You must have 3 things completed: 1) Online Theory Pre Work must be done. 2) Lashes must be applied on your mannequin Head. 3) You must apply lashes on your live model.